Friday, January 18, 2013

s-NO-w day!

No school today--snow day! Oh how those words used to excite me. Not so much any more. Instead of just being Mean Mommy, I have come dangerously close to being Yelling, Screaming,Totally Frustrated Mommy. Several chocolate cupcakes later, I am a bit more zen. And I'm hoping that the kiddo is getting tired out or at least bored with the whole snow day thing. Here are some of my Mean Mommy Moments of the day (so far):

  • Making the kiddo clean up scraps from craft projects.
  • Not letting her take stuffed animals outside into the snow.
  • Making her stay outside for at least 10 minutes after she begged to go outside then changed her mind about playing in the snow.
  • Turning my back on her and stomping inside after she spit at me.
  • Not helping the kiddo take off her wet clothes.
  • Not helping her put on dry clothes when she again changed her mind and wanted to go outside.
  • Yelling at her when she changed her mind yet again and came in but didn't take her wet shoes off.
  • Making her wipe up the melted snow from where she didn't take her shoes off. 
  • Making her vacuum up cupcake crumbs from the floor. 
  • Finishing off the rest of her cupcake that sat out for over an hour.
  • Ignoring her while I was on the phone. 
Of course, I could have let her sit in front of the TV all day, but opted not to do that. It is  now 3:48 PM; is it too early to have some wine?

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