Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beep Beeeep

The post-holiday mall situation is nearly as bad as the many weekends leading up to the holiday season--too many people, too few parking spaces, too long of a wait...However, rude, inconsiderate people make it worse. Trust me, I don't want to go to the mall when there are crowds; I'm not interested in clearance prices as much as I'm interested in saving my sanity. But, since hubby's gift didn't fit, I ventured out. I was really irritated to find a car that was parked in between two parking spaces*, forcing me to park waaay down at the end of the row. I don't mind walking, and I tend to get annoyed at people who drive around and around waiting for a parking place near the door, but hogging two spaces is one of those things that makes me mad. So, before I got out of my car, I wrote a note: "Seriously, you need two parking spaces?". The kiddo was with me, so I explained to her what the person had done, why it bothered me, and why I felt the need to leave the note (uh, so the jerk doesn't do it again!).

*I understand that handicapped people who use wheelchairs need extra room to get out of their vehicle into the wheelchairs. This car did not have a tag or plate that indicated such a need, and it was not a handicapped-designated space. It was a compact car that could easily fit in a single space...if the driver weren't a bonehead.

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