Thursday, January 3, 2013


Owww! The kiddo got too close to  my hand and bumped her eye against it! Seriously, that is what happened, although she will tell you that I poked her. It was one of those boo boos that barely hurts until the "victim" gets a little attention, then the boo boo suddenly becomes severe and the fake crying starts. The fake crying and whimpering for attention are so annoying, because they are so fake. But, if the kiddo is complaining about something hurting her, I guess I need to take her seriously.

I asked her if it really hurt, and she said "yes". I replied, "Hmm, maybe we should go see Doctor B. He might have a shot and some medicine that will make it feel better. The kiddo suddenly stopped whining and told me that she felt better. Great, I said, but I asked her to please let me know if it started hurting again, so that I could call the doctor's office and get her in. Just in case she needed the shot. She didn't mention it again.

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