Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Follow Up on the Follow Through

A few months ago I wrote about The Follow Through and how hard it can be to do. It must be even harder when you have to follow through for someone else, like Mean Mommy E had to do. E was on a road trip with her hubby and twins who were getting a little rowdy in the back seat. Hubby  threatened to throw a toy out of the car window if the bad behavior didn't stop. However, he was not a master of the follow through and repeatedly held the toy out the window, threatened to throw it, then brought it back in. In fact, it became almost like a game--or torture--since he never followed through on the consequence. Finally, E couldn't take it any more, grabbed the toy and pitched it out the car window herself. E's sons begged to go back and retrieve it, but E said it had already been run over. Way to keep kids and hubby in line!

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