Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walkin' the Walk, Not Just Talkin' the Talk

So, yesterday I was all upset about a litterbug who was in a car and I couldn't tell him off. But I didn't do anything. It would be foolish to pull over and run out into traffic to pick up litter, but there is no reason I can't pick up litter where the kiddo and I encounter it--on our way to and from school. In fact, I think I will have her help me. I'll take a plastic grocery bag and my gardening gloves when I pick her up tomorrow, and she can help me pick up trash on the way home. What do you think? Do we really have the right to grouse about something that we ourselves don't do anything about?

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I pick up trash, especially stuff I can put in the recycling bins. And Becky and I make a sweep after Halloween, since the neighborhood gets trashed and there's candy and wrappers all over - we're worried that little kids or dogs will eat stuff they shouldn't. I can't make other people pick up, but I can chose not to leave it there.