Monday, April 29, 2013

Moms Just Know

This morning was a rough one for the kiddo. That was rather unexpected, because she went to bed earlier than normal last night. I was expecting an energized, rambunctious little girl, but I got one who was subdued and groggy. The culprit, I'm sure, was her allergies that kept her coughing, even in her sleep. Even though she didn't recall waking up at all overnight, I knew that was most likely the cause of her morning sleepiness. If I needed further evidence of this, I saw it when I picked the kiddo up from school. She was still groggy and she was yawning. I suggested that she take a nap, which sent her into a half-hearted whine. Well, I knew that if she couldn't even put up a good fight, she must really be tired. So, I bribed her: a little TV time and then a visit to Nana's if she took a good nap. The kiddo grudgingly agreed, and what do you know? An hour and a half later, she came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes and much more feisty. I told her that she looked much happier, and that I knew a nap would make everything better. She asked how I knew. My response? "Moms just know these things".

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