Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unreasonable Clean Freak Mommy!

As I have mentioned before, I hate cleaning, but I despise a dirty house. So, it gets to a point where I can't ignore the dirt and chaos any more. Sometimes, depending on my mood, it takes longer to reach that point, but I always get there. However, there are certain things that are a beast to clean, like upholstery and carpeting. When the kiddo has dirty feet, leaves and whatnot clinging to her clothes and hair, sticky hands, etc, she is forbidden from getting on the furniture or carpeting.

The other day, she was rolling on the floor (some version of kiddo yoga, I'm sure) and I noticed that her feet were filthy. She had been playing outside and had apparently removed her shoes, so dirty feet were a natural consequence of that. However, being the unreasonable, mean mommy that I am, I marched her into the bathroom, got her into the tub and washed the grime off her tootsies. Only then she was allowed to resume her silliness on the nice carpeting.The kiddo reacted like I was the meanest mommy ever! How dare I interrupt her fun?

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