Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Full Tummy

This morning, the kiddo started counting her bits of cereal, and announced that she had six left, and she just didn't have room in her tummy for them. She then asked for her vitamins. Excuse me?

As you can probably guess, we don't do sugary, neon-colored cereal in our house. Hubby and kiddo eat Quaker cinnamon squares, which are not my idea of a perfect breakfast, but a relatively healthy choice. However, the kiddo tends to waste cereal--not much, but enough to make hubby mad, since after all, I buy it for him, technically making it his cereal. He shares it with the kiddo, and then she wastes it. You can understand how that could be frustrating.

So, when the kiddo made her announcement/request, I opted for some mommy legalese: "But, if you don't have any room for the rest of your cereal, you can't possibly have any room for vitamins. I don't want you to waste both cereal and vitamins". She gave me a half-hearted argument, then walked away to finish getting ready for school. Without her vitamins. Either she really was too full to argue, or she didn't have a good argument to match mine. In any case, her tummy was full and she got her vitamins later. But I'm wondering: if she had been eating some sugary, glowing cereal, would she have finished it? If we never find out, I'm OK with that.

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