Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watch Your Head!

My kiddo does gymnastics one night a week. She loves it, and she is doing quite well. Although the classes are not cheap, it's worth it because it keeps her active and it's a great outlet for some of her energy. Plus, it's nice to have a designated place and time for her to do her tumbling, flipping, balancing, etc other than the house at all hours.

However, as wonderful as the class, the coaches and the other kids and parents are, there is one part of class that I dread--when the kiddo is being careless and I have to remind her not to break her head. There are a few pieces of equipment that could cause the kids to land at a weird angle if they are not paying attention--and these kids are around 6 years old, so you know that happens often.

Today, for example, the kiddo did a back walk-over using a piece of equipment and ended up using her head instead of her hands. I asked what has become my standard question: "Do you know how long it took me to make your head?" She knows how long (9 months, duh), but that doesn't prevent the inevitable "protect your head!!". Even the coach has taken to reminding the kiddo and her teammates to be careful.

My dilemma is that I fear becoming a nag (well, more of a nag), but I have put so much time, energy and love into creating that little person, I want her around for a long, long time. Intact.

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