Friday, April 26, 2013

Mean Mommy vs Stupid Driver

Dear Lady in the Red Car,

You must have seen us. Yes, my hubby was wearing neutrals, so maybe he blended in a bit, but my daughter was wearing a pink coat and I was wearing a red jacket. I did not notice you doing anything distracting like using your phone or taking a sip of coffee or smoking, or even jamming out to a tune on your radio, but then, you zipped by us so fast that I didn't get a good look. I didn't even get your license, and believe me, I looked.

You were driving  too fast on that road by the school, so maybe that is why you didn't stop to let us cross the road. You might have been going so fast that you didn't notice us until you were too close to us to slam on your brakes. So actually, you might just be a reckless driver instead of a rude b#&%@. My bad.

Really, though, next time, could you please be a bit more careful? And, maybe, drive the speed limit? After all, we are talking about school property, not the interstate. You don't even have to stop for us. There is no cross walk, so you are under no legal obligation. Hubby and I are capable of judging when it is safe to cross the road. However, my daughter is 6, and a bit impulsive. If she had darted out into the road, would you have been able to stop in time?

Let me clear something up, because your mental capacities might be a bit lacking: when I waved at you, it was not a friendly wave (at least I didn't flip you off). When I shouted "Thanks for stopping!", of course I did not mean it, because you did not actually stop. It's called sarcasm.

I realize that it is unusual to see people walking their child to school. Perhaps you were confused. But my kiddo is in kindergarten, which means that she has 12 more years to walk to school, so you need to get used to seeing us. And slow down. Because next time I might get your license number. 

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