Monday, April 22, 2013

Right There, In the Middle of the Kite Festival

It's April, that beautiful hot/cold/sunny/windy/rainy/snowy month where a beautiful day means getting outside, and for us on Saturday, flying a kite! Hubby and I took the kiddo to the Kite Festival at the park, and had a great time, but I think I missed the opportunity to meet my mommy soul mate.

There she was, wrangling three kids who were each going in a different direction, when she suddenly told them in no uncertain terms: "Don't go that way! Someone is smoking and I don't want you breathing that!"

First, don't get me started on why the county would allow smoking in a public venue filled with kids, or why anyone would even think it's acceptable to smoke at such an event. What I was impressed with was (1) her no-nonsense tone of voice; (2) her lack of concern about whether anyone else--including the offender--heard her; (3) her desire to protect her kids from someone else's addiction; and (4) her way of reinforcing that smoking is unhealthy/undesirable/unacceptable.

I wish I had stopped to talk to her, but maybe our paths will cross again...

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