Sunday, October 14, 2012

40 Items in the Express Lane?? Really?

So here is the "Cornershot" from the October 13 local newspaper:

Corner shot

"I'm in the "Express Lane — 12 items or less" behind a group of three with a shopping cart with at least 40 items.
L., my favorite cashier, is trying hard to suppress a big smile — he knows what's coming.
I look one member of the group in the eye and ask if he ever wonders why the store puts up signs in the checkout lanes. He looks at me, uncomprehendingly.
I point to the sign. He looks at the sign and turns away. I wonder, out loud, if maybe the store should put up a picture for those who can't read.
He mutters, "I can read."
I say, "Oh, now I get it. You just don't care."
L., when they have left, laughingly reminds me that the cashiers are not allowed to say anything. I tell him not to worry; I will say something every single time.
So, if you are in front of me in the Express Lane with 40 items, you know what's coming as well." JS

Really, 40 items in the Express Lane? And he must have gotten away with it in the past, too. Kudos to the gentleman for speaking up! I hope that there were impressionable children within earshot who learned a thing or two!

If you are in that situation, especially if you are with your kids, please speak up!

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