Friday, October 5, 2012


Driving home from work today, I noticed where someone had obviously emptied their ashtray while waiting their turn at an intersection. Eeew! I'm not enough of a devoted environmentalist to go back and clean up their mess, but if I had witnessed it, I probably would have said something. Yes, I realize that if I reprimand someone, even gently, they may very well reply with some offensive language. Oh well.

Hubby says it's not my place to correct other people's actions, especially adults'. But it's part of my personality, even though I'm basically shy. Some things, like littering, just bug me. This tendency was there before I was a mommy, and really started to come out when I was pregnant (one bonehead got a real earful when I was expecting). I mean, I do my best not to screw up society or the planet, and I expect others to do the same, and to teach their kids to do the same. It's not that lofty a goal; I'm not talking about saving the world or solving societal dilemmas, just having some respect and some common sense. And if your mommy didn't instil that in you, I'm more than willing to remind you.

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