Monday, October 8, 2012

Time to Pick Up...

As I was looking around at all the crap on my floor (OK, some of it is mine), I remembered my mother-in-law's story of how she got fed up with her (3!) kids' toys littering the house. She asked them to pick their toys up, then gave them an ultimatum: if the toys were still on the floor by whenever, she wouldn't ask them again, she would pick them up herself. And so she did--and threw them in the trash.

This morning, I asked the kiddo to pick up her stuff or I would take it. She put her candy away, but left some bracelets, play kitchen pots and pans, vampire teeth, whistles and a drum out. I can't bring myself to throw her stuff in the trash, but I will put it in a basket and hide it in the extra room and let her sweat over it a while. Then, I'll let her earn her stuff back. There are lots of chores to do around here.

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