Friday, October 19, 2012

Eat Healthy, Eat Healthy, Eat Healthy...Here, Have Some Crap

The kiddo is enjoying kindergarten, and hubby and I are enjoying our routine walks to and from school with her. Her life sure is sweet, and that is the problem.

Every Friday, her class prepares some kind of food to tie in with the lesson of the week; for instance, when they studied the letter 'a', they made apple sauce. However, every cooking project after that has been something sweet. That's not too objectionable, but Friday is also the day on which the kindergarten students are allowed to purchase ice cream. The kids are also rewarded for good behavior by being allowed to select a prize from the "Treasure Box", which always includes candy (a Starburst, for example). Students are also allowed to bring in treats for their birthdays. So, those kids can get two sweets in school on a Friday, possibly more. At the school's Fall Fest, enough candy was given out to kill a town full of diabetics.

But, oh, it gets better. I wrote about the coupon for a free treat--it was a Slurpee--that I allowed the kiddo to get (and savor over the course of three days), and yesterday she whipped out a coupon for a free kid's meal at the local Zaxby's. She looked at the Zaxby's coupon and said "That's one of the places we don't go to, isn't it?", because she doesn't eat meat and she knows we don't do fast food.

Hubby and I insist on a healthy diet for the whole family, but we like the occasional treat, too. Sometimes I have to forgo a sweet treat for myself because the kiddo is already sugared up and I can't exactly treat myself and not allow her any. I'm committed to having a healthy kiddo, so I can deal. But I'm also concerned about the other kids. A kid could have a sugary cereal for breakfast, come to school on a Friday and make and eat something sweet with the class, have ice cream for snack, have a sugary snack with lunch, go home and eat junk food, have a fast food dinner and dessert. That is a whole lot of crap in one day.

Oh, and I should mention that her school encourages healthy food. WTF???

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