Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food for Thought

The kiddo came home from school today, and since the weather is beautiful, she asked to go outside in the front yard. After a recent, local attempted kidnapping scare, I'm hesitant to let her go out in the front yard if neither hubby nor I can watch her. As I was already cooking dinner, I told her she could play in the back yard. For some reason, the back yard has lost all its appeal, so the answer was "no, thanks" (give her points for good manners). Then she asked if she could watch cartoons. I hesitated, because, although I don't want her to become a tv-zombie, I had to prep some veggies for the Morrocan Stew we are having tonight, and I didn't want her to see them.

She will eat broccoli, spinach, asparagus...but not peppers or eggplant or tomatoes (which is strange since she loves salsa and ketchup). So, in order to keep my list of ingredients secret, I sent her on her way.

There are cookbooks on the market that propose hiding veggies in kid-friendly foods like brownies or macaroni and cheese; the kiddo has always liked a variety of foods, so I haven't had to resort to that yet. But, until I can get coordinated enough to have dinner completely prepared before I go get her from school (fat chance!) or until I have the fortitude to make her eat things she dislikes (not gonna happen!), I will have to be sneaky. Bahaha!

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