Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Makes a Mean Mommy Grumpy

My kiddo loves to hug and snuggle; I know she will outgrow that tendency eventually, so I like to make time to cuddle and squeeze her...most of the time. When I am busy, I have to tell her "no"--more like "so sorry, sweetie, I will snuggle with you later", which often prompts her to cling to me.

The clinging is slightly (OK, extremely) annoying, and downright dangerous when I am standing in front of the stove, stirring a pot of hot food or working at the counter, chopping food with a sharp knife. Today, though, it is even worse because I have aggravated a hip injury, resulting in sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back, hip and leg. Now the kiddo won't stay away from me (good to know when I need her for something--just pretend to be hurt/uninterested in a hug). I have actually said "Get off me!" and have caught myself about to say "Go away!. "Go away!" is harsh and I really don't want to say that, so it becomes "Go somewhere else!", which still hurts her feelings.

The more pain I am in, the grumpier and meaner I get. The solution: get off me! Stop making my life harder! OK, that won't make an impact on her. I might try "Be kind, let me relax and do my stretches without jumping on me, and I will be warm and cuddly later. I may even 0read a book out loud if I'm not grousing about how much I hurt." Prescription painkillers would be nice, but I get loopy from over-the-counter meds. Not a good idea when I have to take care of the kiddo. My only other option is to run away...but my hip hurts too much to do that.

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