Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Using my "Mean Mommy Voice" at the auto body shop

Life without a car...although my husband and I have had some insightful conversations on our morning ride--without the kiddo--to his office, I would have to say that I was seriously missing having a vehicle of my own during the last 9 days when my car was in the shop. Yes, I said NINE DAYS. All they were doing was a little repair work for a minor fender-bender, and they all but promised me that it would be done on Friday. Fast forward four days , and they were hinting that it might not be ready today at 5:00 when they closed.

This might be typical for body shops (although I suspect that it is not, not if they want business), but enough was enough. I asked when, precisely, my car would be finished. The secretary checked and gave me a wishy-washy answer; I asked her if she was aware that my car had been in her establishment for over a week. She answered "yes", but it was the kind of "yes" that was accompanied by an eye roll. I could hear her eyes rolling, even over the phone.

Many comments were rolling around in my head, like, "excuse me, but have you heard of Angie's List? You might want to shut up and get my car ready." However, I held the nasty remarks in and simply said tersely  "I will be in to get my car this afternoon".

Mission accomplished! I got my car without having to cause a scene. Sometimes the hint of being mean--like the tone of one's voice--is enough to get results without full-out yelling. I know that works on the kiddo sometimes (a stern "I know you aren't getting into the cookies!" works wonders in applying the guilt and reminding her of my expectations). It's just kind of sad that I had to do that with a grown up. Sigh.

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