Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet Another Mean Mommy

I'm always interested to hear other moms' "mean mommy moments" (maybe so I can get ideas, or maybe so I know I'm not the only one...). Here's one for you:

"A" is very conscientious about making sure that her kids are well behaved, especially in public. One of her techniques is to bribe the littlest one with a small piece of candy if he lets her run her errands peacefully. One day, though, he was way too excited and after a few reprimands, then threats, A was at the end of her rope. The youngster was wild and crazy and about to be strapped into the shopping cart, a form of torture for an energetic toddler. A knew that a meltdown of epic proportions was imminent, so she decided to use it as a teaching moment. She pulled out the candy she had put aside for bribing her son, told him that he didn't deserve it, but that she did. She then proceeded to eat it, making a show of savoring every bite!

Of course, some of the other customers were shooting A dirty looks but they probably would have done so if she had let her little guy throw a fit. Now, he realizes that there is a benefit to being good, A does not have to pull her hair out, and shoppers around town can breathe easier knowing that at least some mommies keep their children in line. Go, momma, go!

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