Monday, October 15, 2012

No, I'm Not Starving My Child

It was a little bit before dinner this evening, and the kiddo asked for something to eat. I said "no", because dinner was going to be ready in fifteen minutes. She continued asking until I was ready to give in and shove a biscuit in her mouth just to make her stop talking (no, I didn't do that), but I still said "NO".

She had had a good breakfast, snack at school, filling lunch at school and a snack when she got home. So, the fourth or fifth or sixth time she asked for something to eat, I replied, sure, she could have undercooked fish. She declined. "How about some frozen sweet potato fries?" She refused. The next thing I offered was some boiling hot cauliflower. Again, she wasn't interested. Before I could offer any more suggestions, she threw herself down on the floor and began wailing that she was sooo hungry. I went through my list again--undercooked fish, frozen sweet potato fries, etc. She got up and stomped into her room. When dinner was ready, I called her and she came out, sat down sweetly, and ate (almost) everything on her plate. I "won" that one, but my goodness, what drama!

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  1. Had this issue last night. Beckett kept sneaking carrot sticks out of the fridge. While yelling at him for the fourth time I dropped an entire cutting board of broccoli. We both won on that one.