Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today was a challenging day. Nothing went my way. Running around, running out of time, backed-up traffic, a massive to-do I yelled a lot.

First, the kiddo freaked out over her library book. I made her look for it, then she said she already returned it. What??? All that yelling for nothing? I'm still not sure what that conversation was  about.

Then, the cat wanted to be fed every hour. Every. Single. Hour. I do not want the fattest cat in the USA, so I said "no way, mister". That doesn't mean much to a cat, though, and he kept getting under foot. I yelled some more, and understood all too well why some people are mean to animals. (Disclaimer: I would never ever hurt an animal. The cat was not harmed while I was yelling, except maybe his ears.)

Then I got the kiddo from school and right away she started asking for candy. That was a definite maybe until I discovered that she hadn't eaten her sandwich. Result: no candy. She actually sat down on the ground in the middle of the field between the school and our house and wailed that she wanted candy. I replied that that wasn't a very smart way to get candy and kept walking. The kiddo followed me, asked for candy again and got the same answer, threw herself down on the ground again and wailed that she wanted candy. My rationale was that if she wasn't hungry enough to eat a PBJ, she couldn't be hungry enough to need candy. I always tell her that she can't have a treat unless she eats something substantial. So she offered to eat some yogurt, because "that's substantial, right?". How could I say "no" to that? Good nutrition, good vocabulary...and just ONE piece of candy. She made my day better. And I had a piece of candy, too ;)

And the kiddo will be getting the same PBJ in her lunch tomorrow.

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