Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Politics Aside, Just Be Nice!

OK, people, the election is over. Whether your candidate won or lost, it is time to end the crap. The name calling, the Facebook's gotta end. Anybody who posts negative comments is setting themselves up for negative, hurtful replies, and that's just--you guessed it--mean. And please be careful of the comments you make in front of impressionable children.

I am doing all I can to teach my kiddo to make good choices; her political opinions may be shaped by hubby and me, but they will ultimately be of her own choosing. However, if I start mudslinging about a politician, I really shouldn't be surprised if she starts name calling on the playground. (That's why, instead of insulting certain politicians, I explain to the kiddo that I don't like their choices. That their choices will end up hurting people [possibly us] rather than helping people.)

Kids are listening to you; BE NICE!

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