Friday, November 2, 2012

The Phone. The Phone is Ringing...

Anyone with young children understands about The. Phone.

Whenever I am on the phone, the kiddo makes a beeline for my side and starts talking in a loud voice. If she realized that it is someone she knows, or better yet, the parent of one of her friends, she drives me nuts. I have had to go to another room in order to try to have a conversation in peace, and she usually follows me. If I go to a room that is off-limits to her, she stands in the hall and talks even more loudly.

But, today, the kiddo herself got a phone call from her school-BFF. They had quite a conversation that went on uninterrupted for a while. Later, I was trying to talk to hubby on the phone only to be interrupted by a loud kiddo. I refuse to say "shut up", but I told her to be quiet/stop talking/go somewhere else but to no avail, and I ended up rather annoyed.

However, now I have leverage: the next time she is on the phone with a friend, I am going to annoy the heck out of her to show her what it feels like. Then, when I am on the phone and she is bugging me, I will remind her that I can do the same to her when she is talking to her friend. Hahahahaha!

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