Thursday, November 15, 2012

Better than Barbie or Disney!

Just say "no" to Barbie and Disney princesses!
OK, I'm too realistic to expect that to happen, but there is an alternative.  If you have a kiddo like mine who is entranced by everything Barbie and princesses, she may be hoping for an explosion of pink on Christmas. Now, Barbies and princesses and everything Disney have their place (not in my house, though, at least for as long as I can manage), but check out this page if you want to think outside the box. The designer of this toy has come up with something that is not only fun, but challenges kids--girls, specifically--to use their heads for something other than setting a crown on. Every little girl can be an engineer or any other profession of her choosing and ability, but with stores like Toys R Us, Walmart and Target pushing the pink stuff, she might need a little push from a Mean Mommy in order to think outside the pink. And it's ok, because look at the picture...there is a little pink on the toy. Win-win. Hope I can get one before Christmas!

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