Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Can, But You Can't

How can I explain this...? I am allowed to chase the cat. The kiddo is not.
I'm sure it seems mean and downright confusing that I am allowed to do something that she is not allowed to do, especially when there is no logical explanation for it. The kiddo knows that it is OK if hubby drinks a beer, because that is a grown-up beverage. Just like it's fine that I cook at the stove or use a knife, because my mom taught me, and I have been cooking for a long time now. She understands that True Blood is definitely not a show she can watch, because it could scare her and cause nightmares...the list goes on and on. But about the cat, well...

I have mentioned before that Mr. Kitty is my cat; the kiddo came later. Plus, she is noisy and grabs at him, two things that he dislikes almost as much as he dislikes his carrier and getting shots. But, he is a silly cat and he loves to play. Just today, he hid behind a piece of furniture and jumped out at me! He likes it when I play with him, especially when I chase him. The kiddo sees this, and wants to get in on the action. Unfortunately, Mr. Kitty thinks she is going to pat him too hard or pick him up and let his rear dangle, or hug him too tightly, and he runs away. Then, as soon as the kiddo is occupied, Mr. Kitty is at it again, racing around, ready to be chased.

The kiddo wants to do everything she sees me doing, and it makes her mad that she can't. She really dislikes hearing "Leave the cat alone!". However, the cat must be relieved to hear it.  _^..^_

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