Monday, November 26, 2012


If you read my post,, you know about my skepticism regarding what was really just another telemarketing call. Well, today, I got my pledge card in the mail. Surprise, surprise, it came from Richmond.

Now, the charity in question is recognized by the IRS, and the purpose is not only to raise money for fallen officers, but also to make people aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Both of those are very good causes; I am not claiming otherwise. However, I am not impressed with the blatant lie Officer Telemarketer told me in order to get my pledge. He said that this charity was local, but judging by the information he sent to me, that is not the case. It seems like he is betting on what he considered my promise to send in money. Remember, though, I promised no such thing. I promised to look over the information and think about it.

I am torn between tossing the info into the recycling bin and mailing my pledge card back with a note explaining why they will not be getting money from me. Here's what I am thinking of saying:
         "Dear Mr. ____,
          I have just received my pledge card that I was bullied into agreeing to by one of your
          telemarketers officers.  When I explained to him that I prefer to support local charities,
          he assured me that the Police Protective Fund was, indeed, local. Now, technically, that 
         is not true. It may, at times, benefit local families, but the bulk of the money goes to
         Richmond. Since I do not have unlimited resources with which to support every charity
         that solicits money from me, I choose to support those which do not falsely represent
         themselves. Please remove my name from your list and do not call me in the future.
         In other words, CEASE AND DESIST." 

Yes, I realize this is a bit over the top, but telemarketers stink. I resent my time being taken up by this BS. Plus, it will give me a warm feeling to send in my donation--to a local charity of my choosing.

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