Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School!

It's time for the kiddo to go back to school--she's in First Grade!

She is looking forward to school, although disappointed that she has been separated from her BFF.  I am sympathetic, but...does she think the teachers are crazy?? Those two girls are way too loud, wild and crazy when they get together, which they will, at least once or twice during the school day. I will be reminding her every day that she has to use her "inside voice", and I hope her teacher nips any inappropriate behavior in the bud.

We will also be walking to and from school again this year. The kiddo's new teacher got used to seeing me waiting under the tree for the kiddo at the end of the day, and she was already planning on handing the kiddo over to me there, just like the kiddo's kindergarten teacher did last year. Of course, the kiddo is halfhearted asking to ride the bus, but she will get over that, just like she did last year.

For my part, I can not wait until my chance to toss some of the crap that has been accumulating over the summer while I had barely any chance to get rid of it. I haven't forgotten that the kiddo has an eagle eye and notices when something of hers is in the trash. Of course, there will be a special breakfast and pictures and a fancy napkin and a note in her lunch box, and I will probably get a little teary as I realize how fast she is growing up. Then I'll go to the gym, do some mad cleaning, then welcome my (still kinda) little girl home from school.

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