Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Radical Idea (Why I Might End Up Hiding Out With Eric Snowden)

I keep hearing and reading grumbling about the dreaded school supply lists. I have a radical idea: how about if the school administrators take some of the money allotted for sports and put it toward purchasing basic supplies for the classroom? Dry erase markers, tissues, hand sanitizers...items that parents are expected to provide. Then, parents could be solicited for money to fund the sports programs. After all, sports are fun, but isn't education the most important part of school? Or am I just not living in the right century? Here's another idea: take some of that money and give teachers a raise.

Oh, and someone mentioned that the reason they post the students' room assignments outside the school, on the door, where any whacko can see them  at my kiddo's elementary school is due to budget cuts.

Football, anyone?

1 comment:

  1. Watch out, you guessed it right in your title.
    Your idea is pretty unamerican.
    Allocating money for education? Removing from sports?
    What's next? Raising and taking care of your own kids and not let TV do it for you?