Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Safety First--Protect Your Kids! (warning, graphic pics)

It's almost Back-to-School-Time! It is hard to believe that summer is almost over--oh, wait! It's not! Summer isn't technically over until the middle of September, but warm, sunny weather can linger even longer than that. Just because your kids are going back to school, don't forget about the dangers of foregoing sunscreen! Kids can potentially get a lot of sun exposure during recess, when gym class is held outside, extra outdoor playtime for elementary kids, and going home from school. It's easy to forget the sunscreen, and it's even easier to neglect it, especially when your kids are complaining and squirming because you're trying to cover them in that slimey lotion, and let's face it, each and every sunscreen is either slimey, sticky, greasy, or a combination of all three. Don't forget it, and don't wimp out, either! Check out these links for inspiration, to see if you are sun savvy and to make sure you know how to protect your kids and yourself. Tackle them if you must, show them pictures of skin cancer; you can find really gross ones online, like these:

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