Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong--But Mommy Always Is

I got used to being right sometime during my adult life, then, about the time the kiddo turned 4, I stopped being right. The kiddo is now the one who is always right, even when I am right and she is wrong. Pretty soon, I won't be able to tell her that she is wrong, I will have to say "not-so-right".

For example, we were stopped at a red light, then I accelerated when it turned green. The kiddo demanded to know why I was speeding. I told her that I was not speeding--not even going the speed limit. She pointed out that I was going faster than the car next to me. I agreed, but pointed to the speed limit sign, and told her how fast I was going, and that I wasn't speeding. The kiddo then said, "Well, you're still speeding".

You could interpret this as a difference in opinion as to what "speeding" really means--going over the legal speed limit, or just going faster than another vehicle, but I have so many other examples that indicate that I am just always wrong. Here's a good one:

 The kiddo and I were walking with friends--a girl around the kiddo's age (B) and her mommy (A). This is a snippet from an real conversation:

B to A: You ran a red light on the way here, Mommy.
A:   No, I didn't.
B:   Yes, you did!
A:  I was driving, so I should know if I ran a red light or not, and I didn't.
Me to A: I'm never right, either. According to my kiddo, I'm always wrong.
Kiddo to me: No, you're not! You are not always wrong, Mama!

So, you see? I am never right. No matter how correct or accurate I may be, I am never right.

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