Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hot Mess Mommy Will Bribe Kiddo For Sleep

The kiddo has her last camp of the summer this week. It's good practice for getting her up earlier than what has become the norm once school starts, and you know what they say: practice makes perfect. We are far from there yet, though. Oh, my. It has only been two days, but the combination of getting up early (ish) and getting ready to go out has been a challenge. Combine that with non-stop action at camp for the kiddo and non-stop cleaning and trips to the gym for me, and we are one hot mess by the time we get home.

Today, the kiddo was dragging her butt out to the car after camp, then she was about to fall asleep on the way home, I, myself, could barely contain my yawns. When we got home, nothing looked as appealing as the couch. It was calling me. It was also calling the kiddo, but she chose to ignore it. Since I couldn't ignore it, I made a deal with the kiddo: she could watch TV, but only if she laid down and tried to sleep. (No commitment--no mention of the word "nap", no mention of her bed; just laying down on the couch and relaxing.)

I was comfortably drifting off on the couch when I heard a voice coming from the other room: "Mama! I tried to go to sleep but I can't! Can I watch TV now?" You know how when your sleep is interrupted and you get annoyed and that raises your blood pressure and makes it impossible to relax enough in order to get to sleep? Yeah, me, too. That's where I was heading. I shut the door part way and turned on some white noise and promptly fell asleep. Guess what: so did the kiddo. Sure, at first she was crying about how unfair it was that she couldn't watch TV. In fact, the intensity, volume and inflection of her complaining was enough to convince me that she really needed the nap.

One hour later, mommy and kiddo were wide awake and much happier.

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