Sunday, August 11, 2013

Growing a Loving Child

True story: several years ago the kiddo and I attended Music Together classes; these are music/singing/rhythm classes for young children (accompanied by an adult). One semester, a young boy about the kiddo's age would cry every time they arrived at class and continue to cry for most of the class time. I later learned that the boy in question is autistic, but at the time, I just wanted him to enjoy music class and not be sad. So, I got the kiddo to approach him and talk to him: ask him if he was OK, tell him that she hoped he felt better, etc. I had to cajole the kiddo to talk to him at first, but eventually, he started to enjoy music class. Now, I'm sure that his change of attitude had a just a wee little bit to do with my kiddo and a whole lot to do with his mommy, the teacher, and the general, wonderful class environment. However, it seems as if my prodding and pushing the kiddo to interact kindly with that one boy made a lasting impression on her and taught her a valuable lesson. To this day, the kiddo is very kind and loving with other children. Sure, she and her friends have their squabbles and fights and arguments, but when another child is hurt or sad or upset, the kiddo will pat them on the back, give them a hug, hold their hand, and/or give them encouraging words. Of course, I have noticed this and have pointed out to the kiddo how much her compassion means to other kids, but the other day, another parent pointed it out, mentioning what a caring child my kiddo is. *Happy mommy dance*

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