Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yup. I Had to Leave Town!

As it turns out, I did have to leave town. Eric Snowden didn't offer to hang out with me*, but I did get to hang out with my hubby and kiddo, at the beach!

I've noticed that I tend to put the kiddo first--not in a way that spoils her, but in ways she's not aware of or doesn't really appreciate. You know, like buying foods that she will agree to eat, that don't happen to be crap, when sometimes she wants the crap. Anyway, while we were on the beach, I took some time for myself, put my chair right at the edge of the ocean, and meditated. I'm not very experienced at meditating, but what I did was relaxing, so it works for me.

The kiddo was getting frustrated by constantly getting sand in her bathing suit (I totally get it, I don't like chafing, either), and repeatedly whined asked to go to the hotel pool instead. This time, I put hubby first. I asked the kiddo what her daddy usually did during the week. Go to work. Then, I asked what he does at night after dinner. Work. Finally, I asked her why he brought his work computer with us on vacation. So he could do some work. I pointed out to the kiddo that her daddy was having fun, enjoying riding the waves on the boogie board, and not working. I asked if she could be patient and let him have some time to have fun. She agreed, stopped complaining (for the most part), and stood in the surf, cheering for her daddy. The kiddo is a sweet, caring girl. Sometimes she just needs to be talked (and guilted) into it.

*because I didn't try to contact him! Duh!

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