Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneaky Things to do While the Kiddo is in School--1st Draft

What to do? What to do? Here is the first draft of my list. Have I done any of these things yet? No, but today was only the second day of school. Give me time, people!

  • Clean her room. Dust, vacuum, pick up trash.
  • Really clean her room. All of the above, but throw out broken toys, outdated toys, just plain crappy toys. Scrape stickers off door.
  • Organize her room.
  • Remove things from her room that are not hers but that she has appropriated and hidden in there (like the cat toy. Huh?).
  • Remove clothing she has outgrown.
  • Remove out-of-season clothing.
  • Prep ingredients for dinner (before she can eat them--hello frozen peas, a fave snack)
  • Go grocery shopping without fielding requests for crap. 
  • Work on my craft projects, without having them become her projects. 
Of course, all of the above can be done while listing to music--loud music--without worrying about inappropriate language.

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